Full disclosure you guys: this was originally going to be a post about Titus Andromedon’s most fabulous outfits in season one of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. But I ran into a problem. When I started going back through the season, scanning for the show’s sartorial shining star, I was taking screenshots of every single outfit. If you’ve watched the show, this won’t be entirely surprising. Titus Andromedon is one of the most unique dressers on Netflix, donning robes that rival Joseph’s technicolor dreamcoat, paisley button-downs that only he could pull off, patently absurd printed tees, and most importantly, a collection of chokers Cleopatra herself would have envied.

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Tituss Burgess is the uber-talented actor who has gifted the TV world with our favorite fashion diva, but he says he couldn’t be less like Titus the character. Burgess told TV Guide:

“I couldn’t be less like Titus. I’m very much an introvert. I really don’t even enjoy attention all that much. I enjoy performing, obviously, and people are going to pay attention. But when people start paying attention to Tituss, it makes me very nervous and very uncomfortable, so we’re nothing alike.”

I love watching performances that are so convincing you think the actor surely must be like that in real life, and Tituss as Titus was that, which makes it even more amazing that they are polar opposites.

Style was a crucial component to this character, so huge props to the costume design team on this one. I’m just as bummed as you that I devoured the season so quickly, so let’s at least reminisce together over Titus’ wonderfully over-the-top outfits.

1. Titus Is A Fancy Cowboy!

kimmy schmidt titus 7 Of course I was going to make the subtitles like the episode titles. Did you expect anything else?

2. Titus Is A Werewolf!kimmy schmidt titus 23 “I got treated better as a werewolf than I ever did as a black man. That’s messed up.”

3. Titus Wears A Graphic Tee!kimmy schmidt titus 1 Where do you think they found this shirt? This is the first time we meet Titus Andromedon, and this printed tee is the perfect introduction.

4. Titus Combines Army And Glitter!
kimmy schmidt titus 2 As only Titus could.

5. Titus Loves Broadway!kimmy schmidt titus 3 What better for Titus to wear than a tank from Andrew Lloyd Weber’s UK rock musical about a child’s toy train set coming to life? Answer: nothing.

6. Titus Wears His First Choker!kimmy schmidt titus 2b You’ll notice that Titus loves two things above all: chokers and the color purple.

7. Titus Makes Plain T-Shirts Fashion Statements!kimmy schmidt titus 4 Titus Andromedon would never wear just a plain cotton tee.

8. Titus Performs “The Circle of Life”!kimmy schmidt titus 5 This makeshift costume only contributed to making this one of the funniest moments in the series.

9. Titus Needs His Beauty Sleep!kimmy schmidt titus 6 Remember when Kimmy tried to choke Titus in her sleep? Well…at least he looked fabulous.

10. Titus Rocks Tie-Dye! kimmy schmidt titus 8 In all seriousness I would wear this.

11. Titus Goes To An Audition!kimmy schmidt titus 9 In purple, of course.

12. Titus Works Out!kimmy schmidt titus 10 Well…he at least gets dressed to work out. I can see him doing a Richard Simmons video in this getup.

13. Titus Gets His Groove Back!

kimmy schmidt titus 13In the only natural choice for a groove-getting-back shirt.

14. Titus Wears A Grandpa Sweater!kimmy schmidt titus 12 He even pulls this off.

15. Titus Beads A Necklace!kimmy schmidt titus 11 Or is it made of candy?

16. Titus Dresses Like Caesar!kimmy schmidt titus 14 Only the color of royalty will do.

17. Titus Has More Robes!kimmy schmidt titus 16 Someone warn Jessica Day from New Girl that Titus is trying to take her throne as cutest sleeper on TV.

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18. Titus Films “Pinot Noir”!
kimmy schmidt titus 17 So silky, so luxe, so sensual.

19. Titus Is A Handyman!kimmy schmidt titus 18 Not very convincing, but I totally get where he was going with the “Pinot Noir” storyline.

20. Titus Wears Sequins!

kimmy schmidt titus 19 I’m surprised it took this long.

21. Titus Goes Tribal!kimmy schmidt titus 20 An homage to Mrs. Voorhees perhaps?

22. Titus Classes It Up!kimmy schmidt titus 22 Hey wait, Tituss Burgess is extremely handsome…

23. Titus Falls In Love With An Invisible Man!

kimmy schmidt titus 25 “Hey, at least I made it to the final two, let’s see a black man do the on The Bachelorette.

24. Titus Busts Myths!kimmy schmidt titus 26 Horizontal stripes say what??

25. Titus Introduces Paisley!kimmy schmidt titus 27 Kimmy’s birthday is the perfect occasion for this daring print.

26. Titus Sees A Dolphin!kimmy schmidt titus 28 Okay so that caption has nothing to do with his outfit, but I just love this scene so much. “Make it stop looking at me!!!”

27. Titus Can’t Pass!kimmy schmidt titus 29 Even a Hawaiian print and a lacrosse stick can’t make Titus seems straight, and thank goodness for that.

28. Titus Loves Sports!kimmy schmidt titus 30 S-P-O-R-T-S! SPORTS SPORTS SPORTS!

30. Titus Does Layering! kimmy schmidt titus 31 Who else could pull off so many different shades on purple in one ensemble?

31. Titus Goes On The Radio!kimmy schmidt titus 33 He’s ready for his close up.

32. Titus Combines Yellow Silk And Purple Paisley!kimmy schmidt titus 34 I mean, they are complimentary colors, so I don’t see why not.

33. Titus Says Goodbye!

kimmy schmidt titus 35Until next season my love. Until next season.

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