Are you ready for Fall Fashion 2008? I’m not quite ready yet but I am excited. After perusing what TJMaxx has to offer this Fall. All I can say is, chic. Click each picture to enlarge.

tjmaxx-fall2008-trench-coat-look tjmaxx-fall2008-leather-jacket-leggings-look tjmaxx-fall2008-knit-butterfly-sleeves-jeans-look 

Love the classic trench coat. I can see myself wearing each pieces except for one. The leggings from the 2nd look, first row. I can’t stress enough how I abhor leggings. I love the butterfly sleeves knit sweaters. They look comfortable, sophisticated AND sure to warm you up for as the temperature winds down to Fall season. At first you’d think they’re ponchos but they’re actually sweaters with a stylish wide-opening sleeves to give that very chic look. I wouldn’t totally dismiss ponchos coming out this year though. Someone could actually step further or backwards, however you think ponchos trend are categorized, and create some stylish ponchos this year. They’re not bad. They’ll keep you warm :).

More TJMaxx Fall 2008 Looks after the fold…

tjmaxx-fall2008-sweater-dress-look tjmaxx-fall2008-knit-butterfly-sleeves-look tjmaxx-fall2008-blouse-cardigan-look 

First picture is a sweater dress. I’d pair it with knee high boots once it gets really cold but tights underneath and heels for early Fall would look really casually elegant, don’t you think? The 3rd picture, lovin’ the long cardigan, and TJMaxx’s version of the romantic blouses. Kinda like the Proenza Schouler blouse I posted yesterday. BUT, it’s tied and cascading in the middle like how I like it.

tjmaxx-fall2008-tweed-coat-look tjmaxx-fall2008-greenruffled-front-blouse-pencil-skirt-look 

The Tweed Coat looks luxurious doesn’t it? 2nd picture is an office look with that bold color of green ruffled front blouse. For a night time you can actually take that pencil skirt off and wear trouser and look chic for a date without looking like you’re still working. Or Jeans for a playful mood.


As for Fall accessories, different shapes of bangle bracelets and jeweled gold tones adds that oomph in your Fall wardrobe. TJMaxx’s Fall handbags doesn’t disappoint either. Oversized totes in different textures, prints and solid styles.

You can purchase all these pieces at a TJMaxx store near you.

(Images : TJMaxx Press)