So, at first, I was pretty excited to see that TLC is going to be premiering a show about chubby ladies making their way in New York City’s fashion industry on August 30. The show, “Big Sexy,” revolves around five women who, according to, “take over Manhattan to make plus-size sexiness more mainstream…it is their mission to prove that a bigger girl—the girl that most Americans can relate to—can break the mold and change the fashion and cultural norms.”

So again, I was excited.

Until I watched this preview.

In it, four of the ladies are trying to get into a club after a fashion show. Predictably (because this is a show about weight bias), they have to wait as skinnier girls are let in before them. They’re then told that they have to pay $30 when everyone ahead of them has seemingly be let in for free.

This should be an outrage, right? They should be pissed, and they do ask to speak to the manager, but when they’re told it’s policy, they let out a few curses and then…leave.

No tears, no anger, no drama.

Which is, of course, the right way to handle things, in the real world. But I guess I had been hoping to see five women who were going all Beth Ditto on New York’s ass, refusing to accept the status quo and  setting trash cans on fire in the face of douchey bouncers and club managers.

So hopefully the rest of the show will have a little more chutzpah than what we see in this clip, because unfortunately, watching bad things happen to good people with no justice served doesn’t make for very good TV.

And if no one’s watching, it’s a safe bet that the message won’t get heard.