toilet paper wedding dress contest

While there’s absolutely nothing wrong with getting excited about weddings, the pressure to pick out the world’s greatest and most expensive gown can be kind of exhausting. From Kim Kardashian to Poppy Delevingne, women are beat over the head with crazy examples of what their gowns ought to cost– and it’s far from realistic. (Nicky from Orange is the New Black chocks it up to “the wedding industrial complex and society’s bullshit need to infantilize grown women,” which is pretty much hitting nail on the head.) Luckily, someone’s found a way to keep the cost down and up the creativity factor when it comes to that perfect dress. Yesterday, hosted its tenth annual Toilet Paper Wedding Dress Contest.

Sponsored by Charmin, the New York-based contest featured ten bridal gowns that consisted only of “bathroom tissue, thread, tape, and glue,” according to the NY Daily News. They go on to quote the cofounder of the contest, Susan Bain, as saying, “The designs have gotten more elaborate each year. The dresses keep getting better and better.” Adorable. Freaking adorable.

The winner, 28-year-old Susan Brennan, calls her design “Romance on a Roll.” She won $10,000 for her month of hard work, which resulted in a dress that Yahoo describes as being “dotted with complex floral and lace designs.” With access to all the toilet paper in the universe and six years to work on it, my creation would still end up looking like a sloppy pile of trash, so I’m beyond impressed with Susan’s skills. Once she runs out of prize money, I bet she could make a living selling replicas on Etsy. Etsy would eat that shit up.

You can see some of the competing designs over on Cosmo’s site, if you want to feel even worse about your own crafting abilities. This stuff is amazing.

Via Cosmo / Photo: @HavenRooftop