Holy hell if this isn’t a season for major shake-ups in the fashion industry: first, John Galliano fired from Christian Dior in disgrace (and from John Galliano, for that matter), then Christophe Decarnin unceremoniously exits Balmain and now the newly-acquired-by-Paris-Group Gianfranco Ferre has ousted creative directors Tommaso Aquilano and Roberto Rimondi. According to WWD, the main sticking point was poor sales. For example:

A retailer who asked to remain anonymous also blamed poor sales as the main reason for their departure. “We bought a minimal amount of the collection for the sake of carrying the brand, but there simply were not enough samples,” said the retailer. “There was almost no daywear and evening wear was fairy-tale-like, something for the Oscars. It may work for a small, niche brand, but not for such a global brand.”

I would prefer the next news item I read on WWD be entitled, “_______ serenely happy at ________!” because this has gotten overwhelming.