"Why, that's preposterous! I LOVE black people!"

Story time! When we were in sixth grade or around there, two prevailing racist celebrity rumors swept the blacktop with certain frequency: the first was Lauryn Hill saying she’d rather her baby be killed than know “white people buy [her] music” and the second had Tommy Hilfiger saying he wouldn’t be a designer if he’d known black people were going to buy his clothes. Oh, and then there was the one about Lil Kim needing her stomach pumped.

Anyway! Hilfiger says it’s not tue! He told Fern Mallis:

“We had heard that I was supposedly on “Oprah,” and I had told her that if I had known black people were going to buy my clothes, I wouldn’t have been a designer. I had never been on “Oprah,” and I had never said that. And I would never believe that anyway, nor would I ever say that anyway […] It was a rumor and a myth. Oprah invited me [to be on the show to deal with it].”

Of course, it’s not nearly as interesting as if he owned it or something.