These shoes are Better Than Sex! #toofaced #betterthansex #BetterThanSexShoes #AvailableSoon #Vegan #MadeInItaly

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We can always count of Too Faced‘s Jerrod Blandino to have something good up his sleeve. Normally, he’s busy posing #sneakypeaks of upcoming launches from the peach collection or teasing some glittery new beauty product. Jerrod has been teasing about glitter, but not just any form. He has has been teasing about a pair of glittery shoes.

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The #sneakypeaks started back in July with Jerrod posting photos of pale pink glittery stilettos with cryptic hashtags indicating that a new launch could be coming soon. As fans went crazy speculating what the shoes could mean, Jerrod posted a follow up photo of the heels with the sole stamped with “Better Than Sex.”

Recently, he has revealed that there are in fact Too Faced Better Than Sex Shoes coming. The vegan shoes are made in Italy and they feature a classic pointy-toe shape with two flirty lash embellishments decorating the heel of each shoe. (See the mascara connection now?)

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Unfortunately, there is a catch. Jerrod revealed the shoes are only going to be available in a “super limited amount” when Too Faced has a Better Than Sex pop-up in October in New York. So far no further details have been revealed about the price of the shoes, the exact quantity available or when the pop-up will be, but watch this space for more details.