It’s been so much fun bringing you fashion and beauty ideas this year. We’ve covered lots of stuff, but there are some beauty tips that stuck out from the pack, I think. And what better time to rehash the best in beauty than the last day of the year, no?

So here you go, my lovelies. If you missed anything here at Teen Style Lounge this year, here is a recap of the Top 10 Beauty Tips of 2008. Enjoy!

  1. Feeling sleepy and worn out after all the holiday hoopla? Try this simple trick to wake up a tired face right away. You’ll look like a whole new person – promise!
  2. A little worried about showing your age before it’s time? No prob. Here’s a simple step you can take right now to keep your skin looking young for a long time to come.
  3. Searching for a new hairdo in 2009? If not, maybe you should be. Here are 5 signs you need a hairstyle intervention. Take a look.
  4. Got skin? Sure you do. All skin types need special care during the cool winter months. Here are some tips if you suffer from dry skin and some if you have acne-prone skin. Give ’em a try…your face will thank you.
  5. Get a new fragrance for the holidays? Here are 4 quick steps to make sure your scent doesn’t pull a disappearing act – these will assure you can make it last all day!
  6. Ever wonder if there was a way you could maximize how your conditioner works on your hair? Me too. And I have the answer. Take a look.
  7. So, you got a little crazy with the blush, eh? Hey, it happens. Try this quick trick to fix embarrassing blush over-application in a hurry.
  8. Did you know that wet hair deserves a little extra TLC? I’ve learned how to care for your post-wash strands and give you the whole scoop, too.
  9. Haven’t perfected the whole mani-in-a-rush thing? Here’s a tip to get those nails to dry on the quick…just in time to head out to another party!

There you have it, beauties! 10 Tips (that look like 9 since I combined two!) to get you sailing into 2009 right.

Do you have any great tips? If so, don’t be so stingy. Share ’em!