Has the recession caused previously fashionable ladies to loose their minds…and their fashion sense? The 2009 People’s Choice Awards are typically a less luxurious affair than other awards shows – but there were still some stars who attempted to bring out the glamour…not everyone achieved it though.


Robin Tunney got confused and thought this was an afternoon garden tea party – what is it with that hemline? The clutch would be lovely for an evening affair…as long as it left this drab pastel number home.


Where did the rest of Nikki Cox’s dress go? Honey, just because you have the goods doesn’t mean you have to showcase it. Put it away.90107A1_HATCHER_T_B-GR_10

Teri  Hatcher’s dress wasn’t memorable, but compared to some of the competition here…it’ll do. But her hair is a hot mess of one-sided-weird-flip-updo-gross.  90107A1_MESSING_D_B-GR_02

The nude shoes Debra Messing is sporting are making her outrageously tan legs look orange. And the dress…I can hardly look at it long enough to comment.90107A1_MORRISON_B-GR_01I miss good old Jennifer Morrison who would put House in his place and solve complex medical mysteries with her lovely red hair. This generic blonde look is depressing and her dress is an odd combination of Gladiator plus Las Vegas. Thumbs way down, Jen.

Images: Bauer Griffin