I’ve been itching to buy another red purse. I love my Sasha Red Tote but it wouldn’t hurt to have another red bag, right?


I saw this Topshop New Yorker Tote by Marc B in black at first which I also liked but the red color is more fun for me. Besides, I already have enough black bags. I’ll reserve the black color for the Chanel Quilted Chain Tote that I’ve been saving for, hehe.

Anyhooo, this New Yorker Tote by Marc B as you can see has quilted details as well as woven chain straps. It’s not as big as my other oversized bags but I think it’s big enough. The chain straps remind me of Chanel while the quilted texture and structure remind me of Marc Jacobs Stam Bag. Lovely combination if you ask me.

So yes, I might get this Topshop bag sometime which is only $98 by the way.

(Image: Topshop)