Whenever I travel, I wind up carrying my toiletries either in a zip-lock bag, or in a crappy plastic thing that I got at Marshall’s when I was in college and haven’t replaced since. A cute toiletry bag — a.k.a. dopp kit — is something that one rarely thinks about until one is packing one’s shampoo etc., and wishes one had something more attractive.

Well, here are some, so quit whining (and I will too). These kits are handcrafted with eco-friendly fabrics and sold by Hammocks & High Tea, with a waterproof lining and cotton/linen fabric. They aren’t cheap, but I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that one will last you at least ten years, unless you travel constantly, and in that case, you probably aren’t that worried about how much a dopp kit costs.

[via mondette]