Over the next three months or so, I will be traveling more than I am not.

It starts later this week: I’m traveling to LA to live-blog the Oscars for Samsung. (More on that soon…you’ll be able to follow me live!)


But the following weekend, I’m going to be a guest of Hoover at the Housewares Design Show in Chicago, and the week after that I’m going to be in Mexico. Then, I’m visiting my parents for Passover. And then, come April and May, there’s MORE trips…including an upcoming huge one to Switzerland.

What does this mean? Beside copious frequent flyer miles?

It means it’s high time I update my luggage wardrobe. Traveling in the same hot pink suit case forever is adorable, yes, but it gets old!

Magellan’s is having a sale in their clearance section, with an extra savings (up to 80% off!). From luggage to wrinkle-free apparel, travel favorites are discounted, and the sale lasts through March!

Granted, much of the available styles aren’t all that sexy. But, they are sturdy and a great value — add some fun ornamental bows and rock out luggage you know will last for dozens of trips to come. (Which, for a normal person, is quite a while.)