taylor-swift-selfie2013 really was the year of the selfie, wasn’t it? From Obama‘s funeral selfie to the Jezebel controversy to inappropriate Holocaust selfies to the Oxford Dictionary’s word of the year, all anyone was talking about was people taking pictures of themselves. Celebrities included, of course, in both the talking and the taking. We’re big fans of the selfie here at The Gloss, so we’ve rounded up sixteen of the most memorable ones brought to us by the rich, the famous, and the Instagram-filtered.


Photo: Lindsay Lohan’s Instagram

1. Lindsay Lohan‘s nipple selfie made our own Samantha Escobar see dead people. Well, sort of.


Photo: Kim Kardashian’s Instagram

2. Kim Kardashian‘s postpartum naked butt selfie basically caused the the internet to implode.

Photo: Rihanna's Instagram

Photo: Rihanna’s Instagram

3. This seemingly-innocent selfie of Rihanna (who is a sexy selfie queen) actually caused two dudes to get arrested for selling rare animals.

Photo: We Think Alone

Photo: We Think Alone

4. People seemed to think this selfie that Lena Dunham took back in 2007 and shared via Miranda July‘s We Think Alone project was risqué, but we love it for it’s pure PhotoBooth genius.

Photo: Madonna's Instagram

Photo: Madonna’s Instagram

5. Madonna got on Instagram back in February and wasted no time posting all sorts of selfies. This one straddles the boundary between sexy and sweaty.

Photo: Geraldo River's Twitter account

Photo: Geraldo River’s Twitter account

6. Remember Geraldo Rivera‘s sexy selfie that caused everyone on Twitter to flip out and ewww themselves into oblivion? Yeah, that was ageist as fuck.

Photo: Heidi Klum's Instagram

Photo: Heidi Klum’s Instagram

7. While on vacation, Heidi Klum Instagrammed this shot with the caption “Smile!” Girl looks good!


Photo: Miley Cyrus’ Instagram

8. Oh man. Remember when Miley was Lil Kim for Halloween? Killer.


Photo: Beyonce’s Instagram

9. Beyoncé‘s brilliantly meta selfie is meta.


Photo: Taylor Swift’s Instagram

10. Ok, how cute is T-Swift snapping selfies as a way to reapply lipstick?


Photo: Demi Lovato on Twitter

11. We love Demi Lovato for many reasons, but not the least of which is this gorgeous makeup-free selfie she posted back in April.

Photo: Nick Jonas' Instagram

Photo: Nick Jonas’ Instagram

12. Pre Jonas Brothers breakup, Nick Jonas shared this steamy selfie and made a lot of people see him in a very different light.

Photo: Lady Gaga's Instagram

Photo: Lady Gaga’s Instagram

13. God, I love Lady Gaga for sharing selfies like this one.

Photo: Nicki Minaj's Instagram

Photo: Nicki Minaj’s Instagram

14. Boobilicious selfies are old hat for Nicki Minaj, but I thought this was the most fun out of the bunch she’s uploaded to her Instagram account.

Photo: Gisele's Instagram

Photo: Gisele’s Instagram

15. Ok, so yes this photo of Gisele breastfeeding her baby isn’t exactly a selfie per se, but Gisele still uploaded it of herself! I’m including it because I think it’s beautiful.


Photo: Oprah’s Instagram

16. Last but certainly not least, check out how excited Oprah was when she met Mick Jagger. OMG!

 All photos via various social media accounts