Each decade had its own amazing toys, but the 1990s had some fantastic ones. Furbies. Beanie Babies. Sky Dancers. And of course Polly Pockets. Barbies were great, but Polly Pockets were fun because they were like the teeny tiny version of dolls. Plus, they came in those cute pastel-colored compacts that we could tote around almost anywhere. If you’re after some 1990s Polly Pocket nostalgia, you’re going to want Truffle Shuffle‘s new Polly Pocket clothing range.

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Truffle Shuffle is a brand that creates amazing clothes and accessories inspired by retro TV shows, videos, music and more. They have everything from vintage Coke logos to the Little Mermaid to Labyrinth, so a Polly Pocket clothing range was bound to happen sooner or later.


The collection includes tank tops, T-shirts, sweatshirts and a Polly Pocket bag. And unlike Polly Pockets, the clothes are made in proper adult sizes from sizes XS to XXL.

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The prices of the collection range from £14.99 (approximately $19.55) for a T-shirt or tank top to £29.99 (approximately $39.10) for a sweatshirt. If it’s the Polly Pocket bag you’re after, that will set you back £37.99 (approximately $49.54). Don’t worry because Truffle Shuffle does ship internationally.


Romper reported that the Truffle Shuffle collection will launch August 11 on the Truffle Shuffle website along with Missguided and Topshop. Sign up to be notified about the launch so you don’t miss out of this wave of 90s nostalgia.

(Photos: Truffle Shuffle)