Modcloth tends to be excessively precious when describing their wares. If that bothers you, we recommend saving your WTF face (and about 50%) for a better time and buying the same damn thing at Forever21. BUT, every now and again those product descriptions get priceless and this one takes the cake for being utterly, shockingly free of self awareness:

Volunteering feels good, doesn’t it? It’s also a great excuse to travel, and this time your huge heart is taking you to Africa! Embody the vibrant personalities and positive spirits of the locals when you wear this dynamic maxi skirt with an gold exposed zipper! Created by Lauren Moffatt, a favorite amongst fashion bloggers, this skirt’s wide, blue waistband matches its bottom hem, and every other olive brown, bright red, ivory, and blue vertical line is decorated with tansy-colored flowers. Wear it wonderfully with a solid-colored top, oversized beaded jewelry, and shoes that are just as pleasantly unexpected as its silky lining and the colorful bouquet that diagonally blooms above the hem of this skirt, and you’ll be loved by Tanzania locals for more than just your helping hands!

That’s right. Modcloth recommends a $275 skirt to complete your super cute white messiah outfit! ;) …The “locals” are gonna be so impressed with you and all the privilege you come from! Unfortunately, the online retailer has already removed the item, which is a shame because I bet this skirt would look super cute with your favorite pair of slave earrings!