I love the look of a short dress or long tunic paired with tights or leggings and booties. It’s effort-less style that anyone can pull off. I like the way it exaggerates the silhouette, making the legs look long. Slip off the booties and you are perfectly dressed for kicking back in comfort.

Nimli, one of my favorite eco-friendly fashion spots has a good selection of dresses and tunics.  Start with something like this dress made of soft and comfortable organic cotton. Wear it alone or slip a cute top with longer sleeves underneath if you are looking for more warmth.

Doie Melrose Dress
On sale for $79 at Nimli

Add these Sust Stringbean Pants in a fun color. Made with organic cotton jersey and spandex, they fit close and hold their shape well. The design is based on a skinny jean look.

Sust Stringbean Pant

Finish the look with a great pair of booties. Booties are so versatile. Wear them with a simple dress, with a tunic and leggings looks like this, or dress up your favorite blue jeans. This Spring, you can wear them with a great pair of dressy shorts and tights, too. If you don’t have a pair of booties, get some. I like this two-tone pair made with faux suede. If these colors feel to matchy-matchy, then pair them with the lighter leggings.

Cri de Coeur Helena

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Image credit: Nimli