As if we weren’t already getting capsule collection fatigue, it’s pretty safe to say that everyone is over celebrity collaborations. Though there are exceptions–Gwen Stefani seems to imbue a lot of her personality in L.A.M.B., The Row is awesome–but slapping a celebrity name onto an otherwise unexceptional collection is getting irritating. …Especially when that celebrity has no design experience whatsoever. In this case, he’s mostly famous for foregoing clothes, as opposed to wearing them well.

Twilight‘s Kellan Lutz is the man in question. He told NYMag that he’s partnering with Danny Guez, who pitched in on William Rast and founded Dylan George, a label that currently employees Lutz as a face: “[Guez] was looking for a new kind of male celebrity collaborator to be more than just the face of the label. When he came to me, I really wanted to be hands-on.”

Okay, maybe it’s not fair to say the clothes are unexceptional before we see them, so let’s give Lutz the benefit of the doubt. Apparently he sketches: “I’d be designing in my trailer — I love drawing — and he’d create the samples back in L.A., send them up to me, and I’d try them on over Skype.”

Time will tell if this is anything more than it seems. The line–Abbot+Main–launches in the Fall.