Have you noticed how slim and trim Tyra Banks looks lately?  Since I no longer work a 9-5, I have a lot of time to watch daytime TV while I blog — from Wendy Williams in the morning to Judge Alex, Judge Mathis, and back-to-back episodes of Tyra’s chat fest in the afternoon.

Tyra Banks looks great!

The first episode of “The Tyra Banks Show” is a re-run from 2009, so the transformation in Tyra’s appearance from then until now is glaringly obvious. Reportedly, Tyra dropped about 30 pounds and four dress sizes thanks to adopting a regular exercise regimen and enlisting the assistance of nutritionist, Heather Bauer.

Here’s what Bauer has to say about the supermodel’s weight loss success on Tyra’s website:

“Tyra made the choice to get healthy the old-fashioned way-by living her life, not a diet. Following a rigid diet plan would’ve been virtually impossible anyway, because she’s out for 2-3 meals a day, on planes, in studios, out with friends, etc.

So instead of getting overwhelmed by focusing on a total weight loss number, I taught her to just focus on one “decade” at a time (for example, if you start in the “70s,” as in the 170 lb range, you try to get the “60’s”). And you take it slow, week by week.”

Tyra workin' it out.

On her website, Tyra also gets specific about her modified diet, which includes eating lots of veggies, whole grains, foods rich in fiber, a lean protein at every meal, and drinking 64 oz of water a day.

Sounds like a good plan to me.  And I admire Tyra’s discipline.

She seems happier and more energetic too.  The change in her body may have also inspired her to wear less makeup and her natural hair.  She no longer needs to hide her beauty behind caked on foundation and a massive weave.

Thanks for the inspiration Tyra.  When it comes to sustained weight loss, slow and steady definitely wins the race.

Image credit: Zuma Press, Tyra.com