Chestnut Ugg Boots(Via Ugg)

British Vogue have proclaimed that Uggs are back. Yes, I’m not joking. And I would also like to confirm that it is 2015–not 2005–and that you have not ended up in some time-traveling mishap. After reading that Uggs are getting a revival, the common reaction is an emphatic “no,” or an “OMG” and an eye roll. Once you get over the shock, you may relize that it could actually be time to bring back Ugg boots. You read that right.

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As Vogue pointed out, the ugly shoe trend was popular last year thanks to all of the Birkenstocks, flatforms and other normcore shoes seen everywhere. Plus, we’ve exhausted every possible 90s fashion trend, so why not move on to the 2000s? Zara is already trying to resurrect the beloved tracksuit, so why not bring out your old pair of Uggs from the back of your closet? However, you definitely cannot wear them together. If you’re going to wear your Uggs in 2015, and not look like you’re dressing up as Paris Hilton circa 2006, you need to follow a few fashion tips:

1. Absolutely no tracksuits, trucker caps or tiered skirts.PARIS HILTON leaving a restaurant with a friend on Melrose Avenue Los Angeles, California - 13.12.04 Where: Los Angeles, California, United States When: 13 Dec 2004 Credit: Dimitri Halkidis/WENN

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Do not dig out the outfit you wore your Uggs with in 2007, you want to wear your boots in a new, modern way. Play it safe and stay away from the logo bags too.

2. Embrace the comfortable style and don’t make apologies.Britney Boots

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If you’re going to wear a pair of Uggs, wear them like you mean it. Don’t apologize and say they are your “running out to grab toothpaste” shoes. Own those comfy shoes, and work them like your favorite pair of heels.

3. Salt stains still aren’t cool.Rabbit Bath

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A distressed pair is one thing, but a dirty pair is something else. Protect those boots, and watch out for dirty puddles.

4. Experiment with different looks.Clarissa Closet GIF

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Don’t just throw on a hoodie, and think that is the only thing you can ever wear with your Ugg boots. Try to mix-and-match casual and formal pieces, and play with different proportions.

5. There’s no need to decorate your Ugg boots.Barf Glitter GIF

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Take a purist approach, and leave the boots as they are, and accessorize the rest of your body. Do not turn your boots into a craft project.

6. Remember there are other styles of Uggs too.Boham Ugg Boots

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If you absolutely cannot get your head around wearing the classic sheepskin boot, there are other styles of Ugg boots you can wear. It’s not exactly embracing the revival, but you’re involved.