UGG Waterproof

It’s easy to think that we’re back in 2006 with all of the nostalgic stuff happening in the fashion world lately. Juicy Couture has brought the tracksuit back and wearing dresses with pants is becoming a popular street style look. Now, UGG has announced that it has updated its cult boots.

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Boots may not exactly be the first thing on your mind given that it is July, but you want to hear this. UGG has updated its Classic line and made them even better. The Classic II boots are the same comfy things that you know and love, but they are a lot more practical. The new range has a waterproof and stain-resistant finish. Just think back to all those times when you became upset that your beautiful UGGs were watermarked from the rain, or ruined after a careless mishap with some ketchup. That is no more. If you want proof of how durable the new UGG boots are, the brand’s website has a video of coffee, water and even Sriracha being thrown at the boots.

UGG Classic II

Another change is that the boots have an updated Treadlite sole. The soles have increased cushioning so walking in them will be even more comfortable. They also have good traction on wet and dry surfaces.

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In terms of appearance, the Classic II Boots look pretty much the same as the originals. You can still get the boots in short and tall options. They are available in the usual neutral colors, and the short ones are available in soft blue. The UGG Classic Short II Boots sell for $160 while the UGG Classic Tall II Boots retail for $200.

It’s up to you if you want to wear the new boots with your new tracksuit, or whether you’re not quite ready to party like it’s 2006 all over again. However, if you are ready for the nostalgic vibe, don’t forget to wear your trucker hat and chandelier earrings.

Check out UGG to see the full collection.

(Photos: UGG)