Christmas SweatersChristmas sweaters used to be the awful things you were forced to wear in family photos. Now the are so popular that there are multiple days dedicated to them. We could thank Mark Darcy and his reindeer jumper in Bridget Jones’s Diary for their popularity, or we could attribute it to the fact that people are just feeling a lot merrier.

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There are lots of adorable Christmas sweaters but intentionally ugly ones are massive. You probably have at least one Ugly Christmas Sweater party you’re attending this December. If you still haven’t figured out what wacky sweater you’re going to wear, we have you covered. You do not even need to design your own because the internet is filled with wild sweaters. Someone must have had too much eggnog when they designed these because they have so much Christmas packed into them, you expect an elf to come bursting out of the center at any moment.

Get into the festive spirit with one of these crazy Christmas sweaters:

1. Celestial Sweet Treat Sweater ($85.99, Etsy)Celestial Sweet Treat Christmas Sweater

It may take you a couple of minutes to figure out what is exactly going on here because there is a lot to look at. There is garland, ball and cupcake ornaments, twinkling lights, ribbon, and the list keeps going. There’s probably more on this sweater than on your tree.

2. Flirty Grinch Christmas Sweater ($60, Etsy)Flirty Grinch Christmas Sweater

There’s nothing like taking a classic Christmas tale and making it pervy. That is what the holidays are all about. This sweater is decorated with feathers, faux fur, a light-up fiber-optic, color-changing bow, beads and two grabby Grinch hands. It also says “Grinch Me” on the back.

3. Walking Christmas Tree Sweater ($70, Etsy)Walking Christmas Tree Sweater

This one stretches the definition of “sweater.” You will be a walking Christmas tree when you put this on. Yes, it does light up. It will probably be itchy AF but it won’t be quite as bad as if you attempted to wear your actual Christmas tree.

4. Cat Christmas Sweater ($76, Etsy)Cat Christmas Sweater

If you are an animal lover, you can get a cat-themed Christmas sweater. An applique of a cat wearing a Santa hat isn’t enough. What you need is a sweater with Grumpy Cat and a Garfield toy with a plush hamburger. Warning: There is a chirping mouse toy and a cat nip one too so the sweater could attract more than just your cat.

5. 3D Ugly Christmas Sweater Dress ($90, Etsy)Christmas Sweater Dress

Sometimes you just can’t get all of that festive cheer onto a sweater. That is why we have a Christmas sweater dress. This one features a massive 3D reindeer with ornaments attached to its antlers. Good luck getting close to the buffet table with those things sticking out in front of you.

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6. Funny Santa Trump Sweater ($89, Etsy)Trump Christmas Sweater

Santa Claus may be the most common person to put on a Christmas sweater but that doesn’t mean you can’t try someone else. Donald Trump and his one googly eye are here to make your Christmas great again. The sweater includes beads, garlands, lights, ornaments and a money bag. Take a look at the things in the background, and they probably are all on the this sweater.

7. Sexy Pastie Rudolph Sweater ($44.99, Etsy)Pastie Christmas Sweater

If you have always wished that your Christmas sweater was a bit more revealing, this is the one for you. The sweater features a boob cutout and comes with a critter you can stick on to your chest with double-sided tape. What says Christmas better than a nipple dressed up like a reindeer?

8. Drunk Frog Christmas Sweater Vest ($40, Etsy)Christmas Drunk Frog Sweater Vest

Are you wondering what drunk frogs have to do with Christmas? You’re not alone. They definitely aren’t included in “The 12 Day of Christmas.” However, this sweater vest proves that if you add some lights and some sparkly garland almost anything can look festive, including a frog with a red solo cup.

9. Light-Up Hallowmus Sweater ($90.95, Etsy)Hallowmus Sweater

The Nightmare Before Christmas isn’t the only way you can celebrate Christmas and Halloween, you can do it with this Hallowmus (get it?) sweater. The front and back are decorated with some spook-tacular decorations including leaves and enough ornaments to cover a small tree.

10. Ugly Christmas Sweater Hunting Vest ($69.99, Etsy)Christmas Hunting Vest

Hunters can also get their own holiday-themed hunting vests. The description reads: “This is a green camouflage genuine hunting vest, to which all manner of manly holiday do-dads have been artfully and securely applied.” The “do-dads” includes two strands of pine cone lights, a Santa, little hats and mini ornaments on ribbon. Even if it isn’t lit-up, the chances of blending in with the wilderness while wearing this isn’t a possibility.

11. Reindeer Christmas Sweater ($45, Etsy)Reindeer Christmas Sweater

If you are wondering what happened to your reindeer decoration, it ended up on this sweater. You better check your tree because those ornaments and bows were probably taken off of it too. One good thing about the sweater is that your uncle can only give you a side hug.