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There are lots of ways to dress festive. You can put on a Santa hat, you can wear your sparkliest necklace or you can put a Christmas wreath around your neck. You can try a jolly red manicure, or you can wear a Christmas sweater. Nothing says “Happy Holidays” like a sweater decorated with bells, tinsel and a Christmas tree with removable ornaments. Christmas sweaters used to be simple with a tree here and a little holly trim there, but now it’s about getting the most over-the-top Christmas sweater, and winning the #1 award at your Ugly Christmas Sweater party.

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Check out 16 WTF Christmas sweaters that deserve to take home the top prize:

1. Ugly Cat Sweater With Bells ($69.95, Tipsy Elves)Tipsy Elves Ugly Cat Christmas Sweater

Anything with a cat on it, can never technically be considered ugly–especially when the cat has bells around its neck. However, those pompoms remind me a little too much of hairballs.

2. Fireplace Lighted Ugly Christmas Sweater with Stockings ($69.99, Festified)Fireplace Lighted Ugly Christmas Sweater

If you think the 3D stockings are amazing, did I mention that this lights up? It has LED lights that are controlled by a hidden remote in the sweater. So fancy. So OTT.

3. DIY Ugly Christmas Sweater Kit ($19.97, Collections Etc)Make YOur Own Christmas Sweater Kit

If you want a truly one-of-a-kind sweater, but don’t have time to knit one for your party next weekend, this kit comes with a plain red sweater that you can decorate with the included ornaments, glitter, googly eyes and whatever extra decorations you have in your house.

4. Light-Up Ugly Christmas Sweater ($59, Rusty Zipper)Rusty Zipper 80s Sweater Wear this vintage 80s sweater as a crop top or give it to your favorite niece. Just don’t give it to anyone too sensitive because Santa’s light up eyes may give them nightmares.

5. Your Face Light Up Ugly Christmas Sweater ($79, TipItDesigns)Your Face Light UP Ugly Christmas Sweater

Here’s another sweatshirt you can customize. Stick your favorite selfie, a picture of your dog, or of some random character on the front. Then why don’t you grab some glitter glue and spruce up the sleeves.

6. Ugly Christmas Sweater Lighted Walking Christmas Tree  ($125, Mother Frackers)Christmas Tree Sweater

I don’t know if what you’re looking at could accurately be called a sweater, but it has arms and a bodice, so I’m going to say it is one. As the description says: “Don’t stand in one spot very long or you will wind up with gifts being placed upon your feet!”

7. Multicolor Lightup Ugly Christmas Sweater ($119, Rusty Zipper)Rusty Zipper Unisex Multicolor Lightup Ugly Christmas Sweater

Good news, if you’re still obsessed with everything 90s. This is a vintage 1990s Christmas sweater. The lace hem matches the falling snowflakes and the lights complete the whole picturesque scene.

8. Black 3D Sweater With Stuffed Moose ($59.99, Ugly Christmas Sweater)Ugly Christmas Sweater 3D Moose

Someone decided to cut a poor stuffed moose and attach each side to this sweater, so you can look like you’ve been impaled by a moose. I don’t know why it’s called a moose, and not a reindeer but you should be more concerned how you’re going to sit comfortably in this.

9. Winter Hats And Skates Christmas Cat Ugly Sweater ($34.99, My Ugly Christmas Sweater)IF

If you want this creation which features two cat patches surrounded by green fringe, skates, and hats, you better act fast, because this beauty is one-of-a-kind.

10. Celebrity Inspired Elf Print Knitted Christmas Sweater ($8.28, Forever)Forever Elf Inspired Sweater

Is it an elf attached to a human body or a human body with an elf strapped to its front? Who knows, but everyone will think that elf has very nice striped tights.

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11. Bells Are Ringing Sweater ($69.95, Tipsy Elves)Tipsy Elves Bell Sweater

This is a party in the front and the back. There are no plain backs when crazy Christmas sweaters are involved. This has a similar design on the reverse, but with a Christmas tree and candy canes.

12. Abominable Snowman Sweater ($65, TipitDesigns)Etsy Adominable Snowman SweterIf you want to stay away from the more obvious Santa Claus and snowman designs, how about an Abominable Snowman? The lights even blink.

13. Ugly Christmas Sweater Vest Long Sleeve T-shirt ($15.79, Creative Apparel)Ugly Christmas Sweater Vest Long Sleeve T-shirt

Technically this isn’t a sweater, but I don’t think you’ll mind. Look closely and you’ll see that this is a long sleeve t-shirt printed with a faux layered Christmas sweater, over a blouse, complete with a fake skin open neck.

14. Custom 3-D Hysterical Reindeer Tacky Ugly Christmas Sweater ($65, TackyUglyChristmas)TackyUglyChristmas Sweater 3D Custom Reindeer

I’ll give you a second to take all of this in. You could make one yourself with your leftover Christmas decorations, but then you won’t have a cute reindeer, and it would be a lot of work to figure out the lights.

15. Black Holiday Symbols Long Sleeve All Over Print Shirt ($19.99, Ugly Christmas Sweater)Ugly Christmas Sweater Black HOliday Symbols

This is a budget-friendly WTF unisex top. It’s like a weird combination of jail bird, referee and psychedelic Christmas all in one very confused shirt. Therefore, it’s perfect for any party.

16. Santa Sleigh Ride Ugly Christmas Sweater ($47.84, StealOfADeal)Santa Sleigh Ride Ugly Christmas Sweater

You’ll get extra points if you incorporate a Christmas carol or story into your sweater design. Add in some sparkly garland and the top sweater prize practically has your name on it.