That over-the-top sexuality, those uber-saturated colors, that affinity for pop culture kitsch…the new Uma Thurman-centric ads for Schweppes soda could only have been shot by David LaChapelle, lover of America. The 41-year-old actress is looking darn good in them, too, although I can’t help comparing her to LaChapelle’s favorite muse, Amanda Lepore, whose outrageousness goes unmatched by any biologically female diva.

The tag line “What did you expect?” is sort of funny. What, indeed, did I expect? For Uma Thurman to not look hot and awesome? For LaChapelle to use Janet Reno as a model? For lemon-lime seltzer water to be anything less than the most delightfully refreshing drink ever invented? No, I did not expect any of these things. But I’m willing to suspend my disbelief and pretend this ad is blowing away all my preconceived notions like a week-long peyote quest in the desert, because look how pretty.

The accompanying TV commercial adds an appropriate amount of silliness to the affair with a joke only LaChapelle or my grandpa could fully commit to; watch it below and tell me what you think.