Here’s an Under $100 casual outfit for the Fall/Winter days where the snow doesn’t appear in the vicinity of your driveway. Or even farther :). Places like LA, SD, and where I live, NC for example. I see celebs wearing tank tops and flip flops in Cali at this time of year. In my side, it’s cold but not cold enough to warrant a thick coat. So an outfit like this would make sense more.


Gray sequin bow cardigan, $24.80

Basic Racerback Tank top, $6.80

Soda Shoes Black Flat Knee-High boots, $27.99

Skinny Jeans, $22.80

Jeweled Cross Necklace, $4.80

Tuck jeans inside the boots. Overall total of this cute casual outfit is $87.19. Fantastic! What’s good about is that you can wear each items with different looks too. The flat knee-high boots would look great with a dress or a skirt. The cropped cardigan is a nice cover-up for a strapless dress. Skinny Jeans are sexy with either boots or heels. Happy styling everyone.

(Images : Forever21, Cutesy Shoes)