under$100look-ruffled-tiered-top-jeans-flats I wore my ruffled tiered top this past Thanksgiving. We had our own intimate dinner at our house where I cooked everything by the way. Even if we were just in our house, that doesn’t stop me (or the family) from looking nice for the Holidays. Interestingly enough, I was going to wear the top 2 days before Thanksgiving when I had to go to Wal-Mart to pick up other stuff for the dinner. My husband looked at me that day and said, "Baby, that top is too pretty for Wal-Mart".  So I changed into a basic blue drawstring top instead. I figured the ruffled tiered top would fit the special occasion of Thanksgiving :).

Enjoy my Under $50 Thanksgiving Day look

  • Multi-colored ruffled tiered top, $9.99
  • L.E.I Jeans, $19.99
  • Payless Burgundy Flats, $16.99
  • Gold Hoop earrings, gift

I didn’t wear any other jewelry, not even my wedding rings because like I said, I was cooking that day.

So, what did you guys wear for Thanksgiving? Care to share?

(Image : DJW/Style It Less)