When I received an email asking if I wanted to cover New York Bridal Week, I responded with something along the lines of “OH MY GOD YES I’ve seen every single episode of Say Yes To The Dress, I’ve been training for this moment for my entire life!!!” In other words, a reasoned, professional, adult response to the situation at hand.

But as I glided through a massive trade show of designer bridal gowns, I can’t say I felt particularly adult or professional. Sure I was acting like a composed member of the press, but inside I was so giddy that keeping it inside was an act of physical exertion. In my attempts to chat casually with some of the models wearing the gowns, I’m sure I blurted out, “Eek I want to get married right now!” at least once. It’s hard to say exactly what words escaped my lips, as I firmly believe I had entered a wedding dress-induced fugue state. “Yes doctor, I saw white, lots of white. And sparkles. Oh the sparkles.”

What the hell is it about wedding dresses that makes girls (me) so insane? These dresses made me feel feelings so intense that my emotional processing board was overloaded and collapsed under the pressure. Am I being dramatic? Absolutely. Does a room full of Badgley Mischka wedding gowns call for a little drama? You tell me.

BadgleyMishchkaI mean, LOOK at these works of art. I understand that weddings are an industry like any other, that spending $10,000 (and up) on a dress you will wear exactly once is a little bit insane, that half of the girls wearing them will eventually be signing divorce papers. I get it. But for me, weddings exist in a bubble that my infinite capacity to be jaded, cynical, and sarcastic simply cannot permeate. Because LOVE, people! Love. And lace. Oh the lace. On SYTTD, I even become invested in the dress decisions for relationships that are blatantly doomed to fail.

I’ll admit…part of the reason for this butterflies and rainbows attitude towards wedding dresses is probably because I am currently in love. Pretty severely in love. Like “crying at weddings of people I barely know” in love. It feels like my heart is just stuffed to capacity…all the time. If that sounds emotionally exhausting, it is a little bit (in the best possible way). In any case, when I finally extricated myself from the rows of gowns (without stealing one, snaps for Kelsey!), I texted the object of said in-love-ness, “Hey, let’s get married.” He responded, “Haha okay, sounds good.” So that has to bode well, right?