Today CNN profiled Sheena Matheiken, a girl who wore the same dress for 365 days in what she dubbed “The Uniform Project,” with various accessories and hats and whatnot to jazz it up.

An interesting idea, and novel, and here’s why I could never do it. A) I already do. It’s called my bathrobe, and I’m not interested in accessorizing it or photographing myself and publishing it online. B) I would never wash it. A funny thing happens when you start to wear the same thing over and over again — not that I would know — you start to sort of forget about things like regular clothes maintenance, and you get so used to seeing yourself in the same thing that you  also begin to figure that no one is really noticing anything about you, since you always wear the same robe dress, and so you also start to think that you don’t smell, or have visible stains, or anything. In some ways, some may say that it’s not the healthiest lifestyle. I might disagree.

Anyway, Matheiken recently finished her project, has a book deal out of it, and accepted donations to the project which will now go to the Akanksha Foundation, an organization that works to promote education in India. So that’s cool, it’s all for a good cause. As for me — well, if you want to make donations to me for wearing my bathrobe for about 75% of my waking life, feel free to get in touch.