We love cats so much, you guys. So much. We especially love fashion cats. That’s why every year we look forward to the annual United Bamboo cat calendar to see what the fluffiest New York fashion cats will be wearing this year. For years now United Bamboo has been making tiny versions of its clothes to dress up cat models for the calendar, and now not only can you buy the calendar and look at all the fancy cats that are more stylish than you, you can actually buy the outfits and then dress up your cat. Your cat will be so much better dressed than the cats at the Kitty CATure Fashion Show.

The 2014 calendar is $50, but for about the same price you could turn your house into a the most fashionable cat runway show ever, because United Bamboo is selling off the outfits worn by the cat models.

Among the United Bamboo cat clothes is a trendy color block dress, a formal jumpsuit, a chic shift dress with a dramatic bow at the neck, a little plaid suit that will make your cat look exactly like Don Draper, and even a tiny little Santa Claus costume. The items are up for auction at the United Bamboo site, and most of the prices are hovering around $40 or $50 at the moment. The auctions end Friday, so take a look around. Then please buy one and send us pictures, because the world does not yet have nearly as many pictures of cats in outfits as it needs.

Via United Bamboo