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When it comes to talking fashion, you can bet that our beloved office manager Mari Correa gets straight to the bottom of things. Or, in this case the top, since this week’s Upfront With Mari is all about the most supportive (and most annoying) garments in the industry: bras.

From the trouble with spillage to their decided lack of comfort, Mari doesn’t mince her words when it comes to bra talk. No matter how many she owns, the majority of them just plain aren’t pleasant. I type this as somebody wearing a sports bra that has (embarrassingly) never seen a single jog simply because regular bras are the worst, so I’m all too familiar with the trials and tribulations boob garments offer of which Mari speaks.

If you’re sick of your own foam holders, Mari’s got a great idea to re-purpose all the previously useless ones at celebrations! (Hint: It will be the most popular party favor you have ever given out.) So, all ready to dish out your feelings on the subject? It’s time for bra talk, bitches.

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