Mysterious Urban Outfitters lifestyle center

Heart-shaped flag glasses are pretty much guaranteed.

Urban Outfitters is bringing a towering new monolith to Herald Square in the form of a three-story “lifestyle center” that more than two times the size of most of the larger Urban Outfitters stores currently in existence.

The company just signed a 15-year lease on the 56,730-square-foot space, which is rumored to be costing it at least $6.5 million a year.

The Urban Outfitters megastore going to be more than just a particularly sizable outpost of the clothing and book store that captured our hearts in middle school, though. Anthony Malkin, president of the company that supervises properties for the site’s owner, described the upcoming location as “an innovative new lifestyle center concept with features never before seen from the brand,” according to Chain Store Age.

“This store will be a huge catalyst for this retail and office neighborhood extending north of Herald Square,” Malkin said. “The area has seen transformational changes over the past few years, as Broadway with its pedestrian arcades links Herald Square to Times Square, and Urban Outfitters will be a magnet for shoppers.”

Urban Outfitters has not commented on the particulars of the new store, or even what it’s name will be.

“It’s to be determined. There are a lot of moving parts,” a source said.

So it’s not exactly clear what the mysterious Urban Outfitters lifestyle center will include, or what sort of new features it will entail. Food doesn’t seem entirely unlikely. The upcoming Williamsburg outpost is reported to be looking into food and alcohol sales, which isn’t a bad idea. There’s nothing like a tall umbrella drink to make a person think he or she really needs to buy a coffee table book from a joke Tumblr account.

Via The Fashion Spot/Photo: Facebook/Urban Outfitters