And it’s so tasteful, too!

elephant shorts

Probably you’re worried about what to get your boyfriend for Valentine’s day. Or not. Probably not. Probably you’re just going to broadly hint that he should buy you a box of chocolates, and then you can split them, and call it a day. That sounds good. Or you could go out to dinner.

But! Maybe you are a couple that gives really quirky, inventive, hilarious gifts. Maybe you are people who are good at irony, and not the kind of people who sit around watching Gossip Girl thinking “I’m not being ironic about this at all. I’m sincerely invested in these characters well being and happiness.” You’re good at that? Okay.

So, this hilarious pair of shorts for his elephantine manhood would be a funny gift, then. Buy them here. For $99? Wow, humorous, inventive gifts are expensive. But worth it!