Have you guys been thinking of Valentine’s Day? Let’s face it, this romantic holiday has been uber-commercialized in more ways than one. Now the trick is how to make your loved ones Valentine’s Day unique and special than any other Valentine’s Day celebrations in the past. How about getting naughty and romantic at the same time? Let’s start with Playboy. You can’t get naughtier than that :).


If your Lady is a wine drinker or a wine connoisseur I’m guessing she would absolutely love these Playboy High-End Collector’s Series Wines. As soon as I saw the bottles, I was sold. Those bottles are HOT. The wines retail individually from $90 to $380 or a 1 year subscription of $1567. A little pricey but these are unique Valentine’s Day gifts that any wine connoisseur would love and appreciate. You can find them at Playboy Wines.


For a playtime session, how about slipping this Playboy’s Miss February necklace on her neck? Any woman who says they don’t like being a Miss “hottie” of the Month is lying, hehe. Sure you can opt for a Tiffany ring but we’re going for naughty  and romantic here so a “Miss February” necklace would do nicely ;). A little playfulness never hurt a relationship. It actually makes things fun and interesting. BTW, this Playboy’s Miss February necklace is only $24 from Shop The Bunny. Playboy also has zodiac and initials collections so you should check those out as well.

For other Playboy Valentine’s Day Gifts, check out Shop The Bunny.

(Images : Playboy Press)