After finding the perfect Valentine’s Day Dress, next is the shoes. We’d want something sexy for the occasion that will also work with any of other dresses we already have for other special days.


These Rosette Sandals from Promise Moli are not only sexy, they’re fun and trendy too. Cute details on shoes are very big this year. The colors blue, black, or red could pair up any solid dresses. Matching colors is so 2001, hehe. If you’re wearing a black dress, pick the blue or red instead. If you’re wearing a red dress, pick the blue or black. Or stick to one color scheme, that would be ok too. But wouldn’t it be fun to NOT? Think about it. $25.20


If you would prefer to stay classic with a little bit of shimmer, these pairs of Celeste Evening Heels in either black or gold would be nice. The strappy details accented with rhinestone will help you shimmer away. A perfect pair of evening heels for a little black dress. $13.90.

(Images: UrbanOG)