Buying things makes me happy!

Did you know that I was in San Francisco all last week? It’s true. It’s kind of a long story how I ended up there, but basically, I missed a flight back from my boyfriend’s brother’s wedding in Tahoe and decided to just chill in SF for a week, because it’s a magical place and I have some rad friends there. Between growing a second stomach to accomodate all the great Mexican food and treating my sober-itis with medical marijuana (not necessarily in that order), I managed to do a bit of shopping. I found some really great clothes, but my favorite purchase was definitely this vampire tooth necklace.

It turned out to be by the jewelry designer VeraMeat, who, ironically enough, is based in New York. I know I just posted a necklace fairly recently, but I fucking love this thing. In keeping with my grown-up Goth sensibilities, it’s spooky without being overpowering, and it’s certainly not without a sense of humor. It’s especially fun to stick it in my mouth and pretend I’m a vampire, although I realize that might not be very grown-up Goth of me. It even inspired an idea for a blog while I was dining at the amazing Gracias Madre: You can have that one for free, Internet.

It just so happened that my friend Christine was DJing a Goth night at a bar called Showdown the same day I bought it, which contributed to my general sense of serendipity about the trip. If you’re in SF and looking for a non-cheesy Goth night, you might want to check it out…she played all my favorite synth pop and post punk songs, as well as a bit of Mindless Self Indulgence, lest we forget our dorky mall Goth past.