(Photo: Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images)

High School Musical and Spring Breakers star Vanessa Hudgens is officially a Broadway star now that Gigi has opened in New York with Hudgens in the starring role. After last night’s premiere, Hudgens went to the opening night after party at Tavern on the Green wearing a lovely, dark strapless dress and a makeup look that makes her look quite a bit like a slightly gothy Audrey Hepburn, and it’s fantastic.

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According to Red Carpet Fashion Awards, Hudgens’ long strapless dress is by Alice + Olivia. Personally, I love it. It has a dark, moody look that contrasts prettily with Hudgens’ cute look and sunny demeanor. It has a romantic stained glass pattern that makes it look a bit gothy and medieval, which is a look that’s both unusual and refreshing. The former teen goth in me loves it as much as does the former teen Vogue reader.

Her slick bob is adorable and modern, and I like the way she is wearing a heavy smoky eye and a red statement lip at the same time. Traditional rules tell us to choose one or the other, but Hudgens just went with both and wound up looking glamorous and a little bit goth. As far as I am concerned, a little bit of goth is never a bad thing for a starlet, so I think her beauty look and dress are fantastic.

She might have gone a smidge overboard with the accessories though. The necklace is a bit much but still good, but Hudgens is also wearing at least seven large jeweled cocktail rings, and that just looks unwieldy.