500222353SH00041_2014_YoungI think that is Vanessa Hudgens on the cover of Flaunt magazine’s latest issue. That is what the credit says, so I’m assuming it is true. Vanessa appears on the magazine’s 136 issue, which is themed the “Distress issue.” This could be a reference to the emotion you feel when you look at the photo and don’t recognize the celebrity, or it could be about distressed jeans being a very big trend for fall 2014.

Vanessa Hudgens Flaunt Magazine Cover

The photograph is shot by Stevie and Mada and features Vanessa posing next to a motorcycle. Vanessa ditched her signature boho beauty look for a Taylor Swift-inspired sleek long bob and red lipstick. The wardrobe is more typical Vanessa. She’s wearing a bustier crop top, heavily distressed jeans and her usual armful of jewelry, complete with a body chain.

I don’t think they have photoshopped her into a new person, but she certainly does look different than her Bongo campaign images that weren’t retouched. There’s no doubt that someone edited the photograph, but I think it is a combination of that along with the sleek hairstyle, different Old Hollywood makeup and her pose that make her look barely recognizable. She is looking down at the camera and even a novice selfie taker knows that the slightest of camera angles can completely alter your appearance.

I think the photograph is absolutely stunning. I don’t care that it isn’t practical to ride a motorcycle wearing a crop top and ripped Mom jeans, it is still a gorgeous image. I also like when magazines experiment with a celebrity’s signature style for a cover. (Altering their appearance by changing body parts with the smudge tool, is a different thing entirely.) It’s boring when celebs always look exactly the same on a magazine as they do on a red carpet. Where is the fantasy and creativity in that? Well done Flaunt for showing us another side of Vanessa, and for making me really want a new red lipstick. And props to Vanessa for being down to ditch the Coachella look for the photo shoot.

(Photos: Getty Images, Flaunt)