Jennifer Lawrence Vanity Fair Oscar party

Every year the Oscars take place and every year so does the Vanity Fair Oscar party. Half of Hollywood shows up to the glitzy bash–often in better dresses than the ones they wore on the red carpet.

Without further ado, the red carpet in all its celebrity-saturated glory…

Paula Patton Waaaaaaaaay too ’80s, Paula Patton.

Jessica LowndesJessica Lowndes was the same color as her dress.

Diane Kruger(L) and actor Joshua Jackson Queen Diane (AKA Diane Kruger) and bf Joshua Jackson. This is weird and we’re into it.

Juliette Lewis Vanity Fair Juliette Lewis also looks kind of weird, kind of awesome.

Russell Brand Russell Brand

Liberty Ross Liberty Ross

Karolína Kurková Vanity Fair Oscar Party Karolína Kurkova. Are those glow sticks?

Selena Gomez Vanity Fair Oscar Party Selena Gomez

Michelle Rodriguez Vanity Fair Oscar Party Michelle Rodriguez

Chelsea Handler Vanity Fair Oscar Party Chelsea Handler looks really nice, right? Her hair is awesome.

Clea DuVall Vanity Fair Oscar Party Clea DuVall chose an interesting metallic gown but–even though there’s gold in the skirt–we feel like the accessories really clash.

Carolyn Murphy Vanity Fair Carolyn Murphy wore coral and looked great because she’s a damn supermodel.

Kelly Preston Vanity Fair Kelly Preston

 Alice Eve Vanity Fair Alice Eve

Summer Phoenix and Casey Affleck Vanity Fair Summer Phoenix and Casey Affleck. Although we’re against peplums and think the fit is wrong, we like the color combination here a lot.

Rosamund Pike Vanity Fair Rosamund Pike wore a dress that Andy Warhol might have imagined for the Oscars. We think she looked modern and beautiful.

Oh, and her hair was dreamy.

Hailee Steinfeld Vanity Fair Hailee Steinfeld

Amber Heard Vanity Fair Amber Heard

Emmy Rossum Vanity Fair Oscar Party Emmy Rossum went as the Childlike Empress.

Kate Beckinsale Vanity Fair Kate Beckinsale‘s dress looked like a shattered windshield… and we’re into it.

 Amy Adams Vanity Fair Oscar Party Amy Adams. Two good choices for one big night, Adams.

Amanda Seyfried Vanity Fair Oscar Party Amanda Seyfried. Last night was a big night for halters.

Vanessa Hudgens Vanity Fair Oscar Party Vanessa Hudgens

Maria Sharapova Vanity Fair Oscar Party Maria Sharapova

Kristin Chenoweth Vanity Fair Oscar Party Kind of wish this had been Kristin Chenoweth‘s red carpet. Look at the back:

Kristin Chenoweth Vanity Fair Oscar PartyWay pretty.

 Naomi Watts Vanity Fair Oscar Party Naomi Watts

Chrissy Teigen Vanity Fair Oscar Party Chrissy Teigen

Kate Bosworth Vanity Fair Oscar Party Kate Bosworth. Oh man! Such a beautiful party dress, such beautiful berry lipstick. Well played.

Solange Knowles Vanity Fair Oscar Party Solange Knowles

Irina Shayk Vanity Fair Oscar Party Irina Shayk wore Cheez Whiz.

Ginnifer Goodwin Vanity Fair Oscar Party Into it, Ginnifer Goodwin! Wow! What a color.

 Anne Hathaway Vanity Fair Oscar Party Anne Hathaway

Julie Bowen Vanity Fair Oscar Party Julie Bowen. No more peplums. Please, world.

Jane Fonda Vanity Fair Oscar Party Jane Fonda

Rose Byrne Vanity Fair Oscar Party Rose Byrne wore the tiniest front slit (ie, the only successful kind).

Marisa Tomei Vanity Fair Oscar Party Marisa Tomei

Naomi Campbell Vanity Fair Oscar Party Naomi Campbell–this woman can wear anything.

Aubrey Plaza Vanity Fair Oscar Party Aubrey Plaza

Olivia Munn Vanity Fair Olivia Munn

Zoe Saldana Vanity Fair Zoe Saldana

Allison Williams Oscar Party Allison Williams

Allison Williams Vanity Fair Elizabeth Banks. What’s with all the towering updos?

Hilary Swank Vanity Fair Hilary Swank wore a sexed-up version of Sally Field‘s gown, apparently.

Alessandra Ambrosio Vanity Fair Alessandra Ambrosio did what Victoria’s Secret models do.

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley Vanity Fair Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

Natalie Portman Vanity Fair Natalie Portman. Unusual. We’re confused from some angles and like it from others. Namely:

Natalie PortmanWhat say you?

Isla Fisher Vanity Fair Isla Fisher. Like this color on her a lot, don’t like the hair.

Miranda Kerr Oscar Party Miranda Kerr

Lily Collins Oscar Party Lily Collins–this is so weird! Her eyebrows are the best, though.

Anna Scott  Vanity Fair Anna Scott

 Zooey Deschanel Vanity Fair Oscar Party Zooey Deschanel–she looks fucking beautiful. The dress manages to be cute (IE, true to her style) and appropriate and ethereal and lovely all at once.

Let’s take a closer look:

Zooey Deschanel  Vanity Fair Oscar PartyHigh marks, ZD.

Greta Gerwig

Speaking of high marks, why the hell didn’t Greta Gerwig walk the red carpet? She would have been real high on our best dressed list.

Amy Poehler Vanity Fair Amy Poehler

Kelly Lynch Vanity Fair Kelly Lynch

2013 Vanity Fair Oscar Party Hosted By Graydon Carter - ArrivalsGreat lipstick, Rashida Jones.

Jennifer Lawrence Vanity Fair Oscar PartyAh. And this one. Jennifer Lawrence really couldn’t be more awesome

This dress has really interesting texture, too.

(All photos via Getty)