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No one ever wants to pass up the opportunity to get their hands on a limited-edition fashion collaboration. When two brands come together, something amazing is always produced. We love collabs between designers and celebrities, but we cannot resist ones with a nostalgic vibe. The Vans x Toy Story collaboration is the perfect example of this.

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Vans has earned a reputation for its clever collaborations. Remember the Disney Holiday 2015 one? This time, Disney has joined forces with Pixar for the Toy Story-themed collection. The range is filled with clothes, accessories and shoes that you would have been obsessed with when you were a kid. Make no mistake, you’re still going to love them now.

Take a look at some pieces from the line:

1. Toy Story Authentic Sneakers ($65, Vans)

toy story woody sneakers

You cannot have a Toy Story collection without Woody. These blue sneakers feature Woody’s badge and lasso. FYI: On the sole, it says “Andy.”

2. Toy Story Old Skool II Backpack ($41, Vans)

Toy Story Backpack

It’s the…backpack! You don’t need a lot of spare change and a Pizza Planet to get your hands on all the aliens. This adorable backpack is the easier way to get them.

3. Toy Story Favorite Deputy Baseball Tee ($34.50, Vans)

toy story tee

Are you looking for clothes? Try this comfy baseball tee. It features everyone’s favorite deputy on the front.

4. Toy Story Old Skool Sneakers ($70, Vans)

toy story buzz

Wearing Buzz’s spacesuit when it isn’t Halloween would be tricky to do. However, you can wear these shoes the other 364 days of the year. They’re a bit retro, but they still have that space-age vibe.

The Vans x Toy Story collection ranges in price from $12 for a pair of socks to $85 for a pair of high-top sneakers. The line is on sale now on so grab a piece while you can. There’s no guarantee that this line will have a sequel.

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The Vans x Toy Story collaboration is available now on

(Photos: Vans)