The weather here in Northern California has been ever-changing lately. Rain, shine, then rain again. We do our best to stay warm by dressing in layers, because we all enjoy being outdoors, and nobody wants to be stuck inside when the sun does decide to shine.

Both of my daughters have been wearing faux suede boots like these from Vegan Chic. The pair below are 100% vegan with a faux fur lining and trim. These boots are warm and comfy, but not weather-resistant, so I treat ours with a water-resistant spray.  The girls love to wear them with their skinny jeans or tights and a short skirt.

My oldest daughter had a lighter colored pair, without a fur trim, that got some food spilled on them. I hated to throw them out, so I washed them in the washer, in the gentle cycle, then I let them air dry. They turned out fine. 

Faux Suede Casual Boot Michelle

Faux-Suede Casual Vegan Boot

Image credit: Vegan Chic