Is getting is shape on your list of resolutions for the new year? Yep, mine, too. I’ve been running for a few years, but not with the frequency or the intensity that I used to. This year, I remedy that. I’m going to run a half marathon in the Spring and it’s going to take effort and preparation. I’m either screwed or set. Haven’t decided which yet.

Asics Ultimate 81 MichelleIf you are a Vegan or Vegetarian, then you know that finding a good running shoe represents a bit of a challenge. Is it possible to find a good vegan running shoe?

I run in Asics. I’m a good-sized gal and I find that they are both supportive and comfortable. Do they make a vegan shoe? Yes, they do. The Ultimate 81 is a remake of a technical shoe from 1981 with updates in heel stability, but a great retro-look. You can find it in many colors by clicking here.

This is a mid-range shoe that’s priced about approximately $56-$68. The Ultimate 81 comes in both a male or female version. I have wide feet, so I wear the men’s shoes in some shoe models. Another vegan shoe to look at is the Asics Onitsuka. It’s a mesh shoe.

I’ll keep my eye out for other brands to share with you. I am mentioning the Asics because that’s the brand I trust. If you wear a good vegan shoe, please share the brand name in the comments. Also, if you are planning to run in any events, please share that, too. I love to read other runner’s stories.

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