Vena Cava Accused Alice & Olivia of ripping them off.

The first volley.

When Vena Cava thought Alice & Olivia had ripped off one of its prints, they did what beleaguered fashion designers do these days: They took it to Instagram.

Last night Vena Cava posted a photo of one of their dresses from last season, an asymmetrical number covered in yellow flowers, next to a close-up of a print from one of Alice & Olivia’s dresses from this season, also covered in large yellow flowers.

Please stop being “inspired” by our prints from last season. Get a library card.” Vena Cava Tweeted.

This is the Vena Cava dress that Alice & Olivia have been accused of copying the print from. The yellow floral print appears on two Alice & Olivia dresses: the Lisa, a strapless dress with a skirt of tiered ruffles, and the Blair dress, a sleeveless number with a pencil skirt.

Alice Olivia dressesHmm. Are those close enough for copycat accusations?

Then an eagle-eyed Instagram commenter pointed out that the Vena Cava dress was itself inspired by a vintage dress that Vena Cava’s Lisa Mayock wore in Elle, which looks more like the Vena Cava dress than either of the Alice & Olivia ones. Mayock’s dress is vintage, but someone still designed it. Is it OK for her to take a print from a vintage piece and then call shenanigans when another designer uses a similar yellow flower print on a different dress?

For her part, Alice & Olivia designer Stacey Bendet said she’s never been accused of appropriating someone else’s pattern before, and says her yellow floral print was inspired by a vintage screen with big yellow flowers in her office. She sent Fashionista a photo of the vintage screen in question and said it’s been in her office for years.

“This print was an interpretation of a vintage screen that has been in my office for years,” she said. “We then used botanical iris print illustrations to create our own unique version.”

What do you think—is there shenanigans going on here?

Via Fashionista/Photo: Instagram/Venacavaviva, Alice & Olivia