Lizzy Caplan in new Vena Cava video

First of all, good news: Vena Cava has risen from the ashes. The brand for cool girls everywhere had some money troubles recently–and the press got wind of some real harbingers of doom–but an angel investor swooped in to resuscitate the CFDA-nominated design duo. Which is good news for a few reasons, actually: 1) Vena Cava is great, 2) their diffusion line, Viva Vena, is great, much more wallet-friendly and they’re reviving that too and 3) said revival has birthed this extremely great video.

As fashion bloggers, we at The Gloss get really sick of all the dumb tropes fashion marketing employs (housewife editorials, the grocery store editorials, faux-subversive images of models eating pasta). One of our least favorites of all time, though, is dreamy whispery willowy girl in a fucking garland and flowy dress, being all louche in a misty forest or enchanted garden or lying in the moss beside a babbling brook. It’s dumb, but it’s also been done to death.

Now, Vena Cava has employed Lizzy Caplan, the wonderfully acerbic actress, to mercilessly skewer this stupid old concept. We have liked Caplan so, so long (since Mean Girls!). Mainly because of Party Down. Now for so much more. Behold:

[vimeo video=”58933055″]

Other fashion brands take note: next time you want us to post a campaign video, your chances go up exponentially with cleverness, originality and a sense of humor.

Also! The happy accident of this is that Lizzy Caplan looks gorgeous in the clothes.