In this volatile economy, it’s always nice to hear when a fashion brand is doing well. And Vera Bradley, best known for their floral and paisley print quilted handbags, is doing so well that they’ll be doing a public stock offering soon. They filed the necessary paperwork with the SEC and have gotten an infusion of capital in advance of the IPO. The company is opening at least nine new stores in 2011 and could open as many as 300 depending on their cash infusion.

While it’s great news for Vera Bradley, I have to admit that their products aren’t my favorite. This might have something to do with the fact that I grew up in the South, where their handbags and luggage are as ubiquitous as kudzu, but just seeing one just makes me think “sorority girl with big hair who needs a man to carry things for her because she’s just so delicate.” I know it’s not Vera Bradley’s fault who buys their products, and perhaps this IPO will be the thing that takes them from cottage industry to mainstream label.