Vera Wang is separating from her husband of 23 years. This has inspired a few bloggers to ponder how that will affect the success of her wedding gown empire (our guess is “not at all”). This has also sparked rumors that Wang is dating 27-year-old Olympic gold medalist Evan Lysacek: she’s even reportedly invited him to live with her. No one is really sure what’s up, according to the New York Daily News:

The status of their current relationship, however, is unclear even to those closest to them. There is “something going on,” says the source, while a second insider says Wang is “just enamoured with him and enjoys his company,” and doesn’t think a sexual relationship is in the cards. A spokeswoman for Wang had no comment.

It’s worth noting, however, that Lysacek’s move may just be an act of support between friends: the two have been pals since at least 2009, when Wang designed the outfit Lysacek wore to win the 2009 World Championships. She’s since designed his outfits for the 2010 Olympics in Vancouver and they attend a lot of events together, if celeb photo databases are any indication.

If it is romance, they strike us as a bit of an odd couple–not because of the age difference, but because of Lysacek’s goofy all-American “aw shucks” charm and Wang’s more reserved temperament.

As a sidenote, we’re really just glad to have some explanation because we’ve been curious about these two since they attended Nick Gruber‘s birthday party together last year (and yes, we will find absolutely any excuse to link to that post).

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