When you think “orange food,” what comes to mind? Maybe an orange, as in the fruit? Squash, peaches, peppers — Cheetos? Cheetos are orange; Cheetos are so orange they even make your fingers orange and this is a wonderfully glorious turn of events in the snack-eating world because then you get to suck that orangey substance right off your hands. Delish!

But when you think of Cheetos, or other orange snacks, does the word “fabulous,” ever enter your brain? Would you consider, perhaps, an orange cheese-flavored Pringles chip to be the perfect complement to a cocktail? If not, then you are not Vera Wang. Wang loves her orange snack food and she loves them partnered up with a proper drink.

In the November issue of Harper’s Bazaar, the designer gave a rundown of exactly what one can expect to find in her Park Avenue apartment should you be feeling hungry and need to wander off to the kitchen for some goodies. Basically, it sounds like a carnival of dreams that any stoner would be delighted with which to have their way. Wang is a junk food junkie.

“You would never think it’s a fashion designer’s kitchen. There are two TVs. There’s an ice cream freezer, a soda fridge, and a healthy fridge. There’s the liquor thing, where the vodkas are kept ice-cold. We have a candy pantry, a cereal pantry, and a pantry for what I call “orange food”—Cheetos, Pepperidge Farm Goldfish, all kinds of chips. I’m a chip freak. I’ll find a way to sneak a chip in with a cocktail—yes, sirree! It’s so fabulous, orange food.”

Yes, siree Bob! Orange food is the new black and the “liquor thing” is the must-have for fall. Once you take care of that you’ll be able to sail right through this season the only way a true fashionista can: with weird fake cheese dust on your fingers. Fabulous!

Photo: Vera Wang

Harper’s via Styleite