Remember how Vera Wang designed three separate dresses for Kim Kardashian‘s fairy tale wedding? Remember how you were kind of confused that someone like Wang–who’s built a brand on tradition and tastefulness–would align herself with the most trashy, awful, venal people currently using their cleavage to shill for Midori on television? Well, first of all, we’re glad you were confused. That was critical thinking at work.

Second of all, the explanation is simple: the doomed wedding was apparently a platform for the launch of Wang’s Kardashian-inspired capsule collection. Wang had been planning all along to release “more affordable” versions of the dresses as part of White by Vera Wang for David’s Bridal. Copies of two (of Kardashian’s three) dresses will retail for $1500 and hit David’s Bridal locations in February.

As you know, Kim Kardashian’s marriage to goofy himbo Kris Humphries only made it 72 days, meaning they’ll have been separated for longer than the marriage lasted by the time the dresses become available. Wang is probably mighty angry.

So. Will this taint the appeal of the dresses?

Moreover, we’re really curious about the market for these: who is the bride that would ever want to wed in a cheaper version of one of Kim Kardashian’s wedding dresses? If you’re out there, tell us who you are.