I showed you the other day the Resort 2010 Looks from Giorgio Armani, and it’s Versace’s turn. I must say beforehand that Versace focused more on the suits. With the exception of 3 smart casual looks, Versace 2010 Resort collection featured more of the suits essentials.


One of the 2 Resorts Looks that used color and is in casual mode. A Zip Blouson in blue ($695), over a striped shirt ($305) and light-grey straight leg jeans ($250.


This one is a nice combination of a light square patterned blazer ($995), square jacquard shirt ($225) and black straight-leg jeans ($275). It’s versatile for work and a smart casual occasion like a date or a get-together with friends.


A Striped Two-Button Suit which includes Fine Broken-Stripe Shirt ($225), striped jacket and pants ($1095)


Of course you gotta have the Basic Stretch Suit which includes a jacket with peaked-collar and flap pockets and the straight-leg pants to match ($845).

Neiman Marcus has all the Versace 2010 Resort Collection.