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If you think that frayed hems or mom jeans are tricky denim trends to pull off, just you wait. The Vetements x Levis collaboration has introduced a new denim style that is possibly the trickiest denim trend to pull off ever: “bare butt jeans.”

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Vetements recently took to Instagram to tease its highly anticipated collaboration by giving us a preview of the denim style. The look is basically exactly what it sounds like. The jeans in the photo feature a zipper running up the leg and a cheeky (literally) one in the back. The Instagram photo shows the model with the zipper open, revealing a slice of butt cheek.

In addition to showing off your bum, the jeans would also probably provide a nice breeze back there on hot days. As for sitting down, it probably isn’t going to be too comfortable sitting on a zipper whether it is done up or not. And you definitely would want to be careful sitting on any public benches or chairs when the zip is open. Ick.

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And no, this is not a delayed April Fool’s joke. (At least it doesn’t appear to be.) Vetements also tagged My Theresa in the post, so if you’re wondering where you will actually be able to get a pair of the derriere-baring jeans, you’ll be able to pick them up there when the collection launches.

Vetements have helped popularize high fashion hoodies and track pants and has a cult following so it will be interesting to see just how influential the brand is at making “bare butt jeans” a thing. The question is, what daring celebrity is going to rock them first?