I suppose it was only a matter of time before we found ourselves faced with this day…the day that someone wrote a book about clothing for cats.

The book, aptly titled “Fashion Cats,” is by a Japanese artist named Takako Iwase, who is apparently a premiere cat clothing designer. It features photos of cats in all manner of dress, from bonnets to bridal ensembles to something resembling a World War 1 widow.

Somehow, this book made its way into the hands of the good people of VICE magazine (haha, just kidding, they’re not good). I don’t think that Iwase is anything but serious about her designs, judging from an interview the magazine did with her a while back. But whatever her intentions were in creating the book, it’s now going to be marketed ironically.

Because that’s so hilaaaaaaarious.

[youtube_iframe id=”7up-FyaIvgQ”]

[via Styleite]