Now here's an original career for a mini-Beckham.

Now here’s an original career for a mini-Beckham.

Are we going to call this nepotism or just some damn fine genes? I’m going with the former, because that’s what I think we’re looking at here. Here, being Romeo Beckham, son of David and Posh Spice, making his modeling debut for Burberry. What do you think? Quite the fancy li’l thing, isn’t he? I don’t even know most adult men who can dress like that and look so good.

This, of course, isn’t Romeo’s first job. In case you forgot, Romeo, the first born for the Beckhams, had the kid hard at “work” when he was only eight years old “designing” sunglasses. Yeah, he was “designing” sunglasses. What were you doing at eight? Not designing sunglasses, I bet. What a waste you were! Do you know how important protection from UV rays is for your eyes? Even if you weren’t designing sunglasses at eight, you could have at least invented a new sunscreen or something. Stop being selfish and make the world a better place, dammit!

But back to Romeo, here he is (video below) strutting his stuff with the same level of professionalism of his mom and dad. I hate to say it, but my, those Beckhams are easy on the eyes. Even if Posh thinks she’s way too good for the rest of the Spice Girls these days. Let’s hope Romeo doesn’t end up in a boy band, because snubbing your former bandmates is never cool. I’m looking at you Posh!

[youtube_iframe id=”TCruW1UB_YI”]

Photo: BurberryBrand